Friday, April 9, 2010

Video Killed the Radio Star

In August 1981, the Buggles had the first video to be shown on MTV (back when MTV actually showed music videos). It was called "Video Killed the Radio Star". The song spoke to the idea that you couldn't just make great music, you had to make a great video, too.  Before MTV, if you wanted to see an artist, you either had to go to a concert, or maybe, you could see them perform 1 song on tv (when there were only 4 channels).  Next came videos on MTV - 24 hours a day.  Now MTV is about reality shows and you can watch music videos on YouTube.  Originally, you had to be somebody before you made a video.  Now anyone with a webcam can be a "star".
Are you keeping up with progress?  Are you relevant in the 21st century?  In your job?  In your community?  In your family?  Do you have to know everything about everything?  Of course not.  But it is in your best interest to be current.  Get some education.  Talk to teenagers.  Surf the internet.  LEARN something!  Dinosaurs were a big deal in their day, too.

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