Friday, April 23, 2010

Do you smell that?

Have you ever played the game "you touched the baby last, so you have to change him"?  Even though you know the baby needs it, and you are the parent, AND it will smell better once it's done, we resist and avoid.  We don't want to do it.  It's unpleasant, we're tired, and "isn't it somebody else's turn?".  Change is like that.  It happens all the time - your favorite shampoo is discontinued (or your hair color, yikes!), your job description changes, your children grow and develop into actual people (with opinions!), you buy a new home, or a family member passes away.  Some changes happen and we barely notice.  Others change the course of our lives.  Sometimes change happens to us and sometimes we initiate the change.  Sometimes we resist change until we have no other option than to face change and make a choice.  Do you change the diaper right away?  Or do you have to smell it for a while?  Are you ready to embrace change?  Or are you hoping to avoid it?  How stinky is your diaper?

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