Friday, April 2, 2010

Buy In

If you are employed by a company, a franchise owner, a direct salesperson, a minister or a volunteer leader, you have to "buy in".  What does that mean?  When you are a leader in any of these types of positions, you have guidelines to follow and a certain amount of oversight.  You may not like everything that your company puts out there - you don't have to (but you do choose to be there).  "But I want to be innovative!"  That's great!  But have you tried what's presented?  More than once?  Have you personally, quietly tested your idea before recommending it to others?  How did it compare?  Were your results significantly better?  What does it say to your team (employee, congregation) when you immediately dismiss guidelines, ideas, incentives or even rules?  It says that these have no value.  It says that you "know better".  It says that you have to question everything.  It says that you need to "re-invent the wheel" to be successful.  But, what if they're not like you?  You have set them up to fail.  And, they will also question other ideas (including yours).  "Buy in" and use your influence for good - not to further your own agenda.

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