Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Have you ever walked into your closet, pulled out a piece of clothing, and realized that you've had the item for a decade (or two or three)?!  Sometimes, the item hasn't even fit for longer than you care to remember.  Why is the item still in your closet?  "I'll fit into it again, someday."  "It'll be back in style someday."  "I forgot it was there."  "I'm saving it for a special occasion."  "I just need to mend the small hole in it."  These are all excuses that are cluttering up your closet.  When it comes back in style, it won't be quite the same.  If you were going to fit into it, you would by now.  How many years have you waited for that special occasion?  Do you even know how to mend a hole?  You can take control.  Be realistic.  Let go of things that don't flatter you where you're at right now.  Purge.  Make room for something new.  Fix it, if it's of value.  Throw your own special occasion.  Don't put it off for another year, or two, or decade.  There's a lot of good intention sitting there, but if we don't get it out and use it, it's just clutter.

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