Monday, April 12, 2010


A "mulligan" is defined as a shot not counted against the score, permitted in unofficial play to a player whose previous shot was poor.  It's a "do over".  How many times do we need to take a mulligan in our game?  In our work?  In our business?  In our family?
The problem with do overs is that they aren't always easy when we're dealing with people.  There is a 3 step process:
1- Take responsibility.  Don't play the blame game.  Own it.
2- Apologize.  Sincerely.  And repeatedly, if necessary.
3- Do better.  An apology with no change in behavior, is just words.
Currently, lots of people take a different approach to the mulligan.  They just start a new game.  A new job.  A new city.  A new spouse.  It takes more strength to turn things around than to run away from them.  Sometimes you have your foot run over but, eventually, you can get back in the game.

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