Thursday, April 29, 2010

Leaders vs. servants

Tuesday night I attended a ceremony where ministers received their license and some took additional steps to be ordained.  I watched as each one was given a "servant's towel".  The symbolism being that, as leaders, they are to be true servants and this towel was a physical reminder.  What a great visual!  Leaders reminded to be servants first.  It seems so easy in this day and age, to forget that concept.  We often see self-important leaders with big egos, who forget that part of leadership is serving first (by example), then leading (to expand service to individuals & groups).  They have the attitude of "I already put in my time".  And that attitude may work in the short term, but if you want to continue to expand those that you lead, you have to continue to serve.  How you serve may ebb and flow.  Your activities have to change to meet the needs of those you serve.  Often, when things get out of balance, the answer is to get back to basics - find the need, meet the need.  Who will you serve today?

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