Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Out of the nest

In leadership, we learn that we need to recruit and grow people, then let them go.  In theory, that should work, right?  And it usually does, for a while.  It works as long as the new leader stays motivated.  Aren't all leaders self-motivated?  You wish.  There is initial excitement as they spread their wings and start to fly.  Then rocks start getting thrown at them - confusion, disappointment, isolation, anger, fear, embarassment, CHANGE.  All these things start coming at them to take them off course.  Often, they don't reach out - they don't want to disappoint, or they're embarassed that they are not meeting expectations.  They may even avoid you when they need you the most.  So now you get to decide what kind of leader you want to be.  Will you wait, and assume that "they're fine" because they haven't reached out to you?  Or do you continue to offer your support, train them to keep them on track, and recognize their efforts to keep them excited?  Do you just throw them out of the nest and hope they get their wings?  Or do you stay along side them to help them soar with you?  A wingman makes your flight easier, too.

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