Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dead plants

I have never had a lot of luck with house plants.  I'm usually lucky if I can keep just one alive at any time.  I know the problem- house plants need to be watered regularly.  I have found 2 plants that I can do pretty well with- Christmas cactus & peace lilies.  Why do these work when everything else dies?  They each have characteristics that help keep them alive.  The Christmas cactus takes very little water or attention.  By the time I think about watering, it's still alive.  The peace lily actually lays down when it needs water- a sign even I can't miss.  Now, I know if I were motivated to have a house full of plants, I could set a schedule to make sure that all the plants are fed and nurtured the way they need to be to thrive.
Picture your team, family, employees or congregation as house plants.  How much are they growing?  Are they lush and happy? or wilting and sad?  Are you filling their needs and nurturing them?  Or, are only the strong surviving?  Do you only do well with those that require very little attention? or those that "lay down" to let you know they need you?  If you're motivated, you can be diligent to nurture all of your "plants" so that they grow and flourish.  If you ignore them, even the strong, low maintenance ones will die.

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