Thursday, May 13, 2010

Corn & bean fields

Have you ever been driving along and suddenly realize you have no idea where you are?  Now I'm not talking about a black out or a fugue, just not knowing precisely where you are.  Since I moved, I travel I-80 between Des Moines and the Quad Cities a lot.  When I can't find anything interesting on the radio, I tend to call my mom to keep me entertained.  Occasionally she'll ask "so, where are you?" and I just don't know.  I know approximately - on I-80, corn & bean fields to my left and right, and maybe I remember what city I recently passed, but I really don't know where I'm currently at.
Sometimes our goals are like that.  We're on the same road to the same goals so often, that we go into auto-pilot.  We're not connected or excited.  We're doing the same old thing, time after time and we're bored.
Maybe it's time to take a different road or at least stop off at a different exit.  Maybe we need to remember why we're on the road, where it's taking us, and what we'll do when we're there.  Get out of the same rut!  Sometimes a "wrong turn" is a good thing!  It gives a different perspective, sometimes appreciation, and we still get where we're going.  Is it time to take the "road less traveled"?

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