Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leadership can be exhausting

Sometimes leadership is exhausting - but in a good way.  Whenever you have many people around you looking to you for direction (whether a team, employees, congregation or children) there is a lot to manage.  The bigger the group, the more to handle.  You've probably heard that as any group grows, you can (and need to) delegate more and more tasks.  That is true.  This helps the group be more connected as they take on additional responsibility.  This lightens your load, right?  Yes and no.  Yes, some tasks are now being performed by others, but now you have more people that are accountable to you.  You now have the additional task of overseeing, mentoring, training, guiding and sometimes picking up the slack.  All this in addition to growing and mentoring new additions to your group and developing new ways to engage and encourage the original group.  Your load changes, but doesn't get smaller.  When you choose to lead, the only time your total load is lightened, is when it gets smaller... and smaller...

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