Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby steps

In working with others, whether volunteers, a team, employees or family, there is often the opportunity to help people grow in what they do.
Have you ever helped a baby when they are first learning to walk?  You first help them stand while they are learning to balance.  Then you hold their hand as they take their first steps.  Next you step a few feet away and encourage them to come to you.  You watch as they struggle to achieve those first couple of steps.  Sometimes they fall down, but you are there to encourage them to get back on their feet.  It doesn't take long before they are up and running (sometimes faster than you!).
Now compare this to your leadership or coaching style.
Do you:
1- give the baby a manual, expect them to read it and then just walk?
2- demonstrate by walking around them and expect them to do the same?
3- expect them to come into your family with walking knowledge?
4- reprimand them when they lose their balance?
5- just "know" that they could be walking faster already?
How much are you expecting from those around you?  Because it's become second nature for you, do you believe that everyone should be able to figure it out?
Be a leader who can take everyone through the basics - without making anyone feel like a "baby".

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