Monday, September 27, 2010

Sour milk

Consider for a moment that your product is milk.  You may be in direct sales, retail sales, ministry or work with volunteers... but today your product is milk.
Now, people can buy milk in lots of places- grocery stores, convenience marts, superstores, etc.  Where they purchase may be based on convenience, price, loyalty to good service, or another personal connection.  That doesn't mean that they may occasionally pick up milk somewhere else.  Or that they won't change where they pick up milk at some point.
But, what happens when someone picks up milk that's spoiled?
Some people are just annoyed, throw it away, and never think twice about it.
Some will return the milk and make sure the new one is fresh.
Some will stop buying milk at that particular location, thinking that one location is not staying on top of things.
Some will stop shopping at that chain of stores, thinking that there must be a problem at the distribution level.  That maybe their company is not putting out quality products.
And some may stop drinking milk all together.  Imagine a thirsty athlete who pours a big glass of milk and starts chugging... getting halfway through the glass before tasting the sour flavor and unappetizing texture... ick!  He may not drink another glass of milk for quite a long time.  And when he does, he will be much more cautious before taking a drink.
How does this apply to your situation?  The sour milk may or may not have been your fault, but chances are, it effected your bottom line.  Maybe you even know where the sour milk is coming from, is there some way you can improve the situation?  No matter how far removed you are from the sour milk, you still sell milk.
How many people heard about that one gallon of sour milk?  People almost never talk about the fresh milk they picked up, but will shout from the rooftop if they bought sour milk.  One gallon can effect your business, your relationships, your image, your INDUSTRY.
Keep it fresh.

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