Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don't get your panties in a bunch

Have you been in your leadership position for so long that you are surrounded by "yes" men?  No matter what you say, or do, no one really challenges you?  There are a couple of possibilities...
1- You have been surrounded by the same people for too long.  The same people, doing the same things, the same way, blah blah blah... That means it's time to shake things up, get some "new blood" around you.
2- You have separated yourself from the "new blood".  You may feel that you've done your time, that new people cannot possibly have an informed opinion, and how would they have any idea what it is that you do, anyway?  You've been in this leadership position for years (maybe decades) and who are they to question your authority?
You are missing opportunity.
When you lead new people, they bring a fresh perspective.  They want to know what you do to be successful.  They bring their own set of skills and resources to the table that can be a huge asset to your organization.
If you have not been working and growing as a leader for a while - maybe you've been coasting on past success - this can get uncomfortable.  All of a sudden, you're being challenged and questioned and you might realize that you haven't been practicing what you preach.  It makes you squirm.
Instead of getting your panties in a bunch, take a look from that new perspective.  You may just find that getting your feathers ruffled actually pushes you to be a better leader.  It can be your opportunity to grow and bring others along side you.  And, it's got to be better than walking around with a wedgie.

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