Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pull over

When I drive home down Polk City Highway, I always notice a very small cemetary to my right.  I am not creeped out by cemetaries, rather I find them quiet, serene places with beautiful and interesting tombstones.  Although I have not stopped at this one, I imagine that the stories of many lives are kept there, like the many others that I have had reason to visit.
The other day I glanced over to see a canopy almost overtaking the small plot of land.  Only a couple minutes later, I saw a long row cars coming toward me with their lights on.  I pulled over and waited.
As I sat, I thought about all the people in this long line of cars and how their lives had changed.  Some more than others, but changed all the same.  I said a small prayer for them.
I noticed that several cars behind me had also pulled over (this doesn't always happen these days...) and I wondered if they were in a hurry and annoyed by the interruption.  Or if they were waiting calmly, taking a few minutes for themselves.
I thought about my husband's grandma, "Grandma Sugar", and how we had to drive her funeral procession past a different cemetary, just so she could let her relatives know she was there.  And how during the memorial service, we had passed her handbag down the pew and each took a starlight mint, just like we did every Sunday at church.  And how it made us smile... and cry.
It made me think about how good life is, even when sometimes it doesn't seem that way.  It's about perspective.  It's about what I choose to do and how I choose to act and re-act.  It's about realizing that life is only good if I make it that way.  And I am in charge.
That few minutes on the side of the road energized my spirit.  And when I got home a few minutes later, I was able to hit the ground running.  Apparently, I also choose to let my energy get revved up, or sucked up.
I'm sure there's a leadership lesson in there somewhere.  What's yours?

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