Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What you do is important

What you do is important. If you lead a company, a family, a department, a team, a group of friends or a congregation...
What you do is important.
What you do is reflected in the group you lead.  Do you lead by example, teach others to be successful, support, encourage and recognize accomplishments?  It's easy to get into a slump.  We can feel unappreciated, our feelings can get hurt, we can come up short on our goals, or life can just happen.
What you do is important.
How we react in tough situations defines us as leaders.  It shows the world what we're made of.  It's the whole "lemons into lemonade" philosophy.  Sometimes it's the small things.  Calling a team member and congratulating them for their accomplishment even when you've missed your goal.  Reaching out to help someone, even though your finances are tight.  Celebrating an anniversary, even if yours went unnoticed.  Choosing not to be bitter, even though you may have every right to be.  Choosing to act, not react.
What you do is important.  What are you doing?

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