Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Excuse or reason?

This past weekend, I listened to Sue Rusch, who is a Strategic Consultant, Speaker, & Business Coach (and also very tall).  Of all the wonderful information she gave (and there was a lot), the one quote that really struck home for me was, "We can look at family as an excuse, or a reason."  Ouch!  It's so easy to avoid the work that I know I need to do, by saying "my family time is more important".  But what am I calling "family time"?  Sitting in a dance studio during lessons?  Watching tv while the rest of my family watches another tv?  Sitting on a field watching soccer practice?  Dinner together (but barely half the family is there)?  Choose what is important.  And be there.  Remember the reasons that you chose leadership.  And if your leadership is important, schedule your activities.  And be there.  No excuses.

Thanks to everyone who is regularly (or even occasionally) reading this blog. I've been covering a lot of situations that have hit me personally (and I still have plenty to pull from!). Are there areas of your leadership that could use a spark? Maybe a situation or recurring theme? I think most of us really do know the answers, we just need to hear it again (and again, and again).  Please leave a comment on areas that you would like some focus (I'm sure I've messed up some of the same things at some point!) and I'll try to bring you my perspective.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  This blog is a joy to write!

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  1. Love the line of "excuse or reason." Everyone loves to use the standard "Spend more time with my family," when a lot of times it's just code for "I'm too scared to really do this thing."