Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Should you be committed?

Most of us are volunteer leaders, not corporate CEO's with golden parachutes.  We choose to lead families, athletic teams, congregations and businesses.  We volunteer to be good examples, work harder than anyone, invest time and money, show up early & work late.  Are we nuts?!  We should probably all be committed!
Are you constantly doing the same things and expecting different results?  Insane!
Are you committed to doing things the way you've always done, no matter what?  Senseless!
Are you sitting back and resting on past achievements?  Demented!
Should your leadership be committed to an institution for being senseless?

Maybe it is time for your leadership to be committed.
Committed to learning new skills.
Committed to developing personal relationships.
Committed to controlling time (goodbye Farmville!).
Committed to being positive.
Committed to stepping up.

What kind of committed are you?

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