Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Leader for life

In my business, I often hear people refer to themselves as a "consultant for life".  They are committed to meeting minimum requirements to retain this title.  Unfortunately, I have never heard someone refer to themselves as a "leader for life".  Why is that?  Are leader requirements that much greater?  Hmmm...  They do require a more consistent personal business.  They do require consistently training, supporting, recognizing and reaching out to others.
Why don't people see themselves as a "leader for life"?
It kind of depends on whether you see "leader" as a noun (title) or verb (action).
Leadership is a choice.  It doesn't just happen to you.  Some people look to leadership for the short term rewards, so when some bumps in the road happen, they're done.  Sometimes leaders fall back into their comfort zones and keep their title only if it's easy enough.  These are the noun leaders.
The verb leaders work through change or adversity.  They invest in others when they may be struggling personally.  They reach out even when there may not be a benefit to themselves.  They serve others.
Leadership is not only for direct sellers.  You may lead a corporation, a family, a group of volunteers, a congregation or a little league team.
Are you a noun leader?  Or a verb leader?
Are you a leader in title only?  Or are you a "leader for life"?

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