Thursday, August 19, 2010

Robe & cheescake

Back to school time always seems to be the time of year where I look at my business and evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I suppose most people do this at the end of the calendar year, or at the end of the fiscal year, but for me with school age children, fall seems to work.  The oldest moves to college and the youngest is in high school all day after a summer of go-go-go.  Unfortunately, I do tend to spend the first few days of back-to-school in my robe, curled up, eating cheesecake (rather Miss Havisham!).
So once the cheesecake is gone (and I've had a shower) I sit down and look at my schedule for the past and upcoming year.  Working with lots of other busy people, I've learned that I get a better reponse when everyone is able to put the big events on their calendars as early as possible.  Calendars can get filled up so quickly these days!
I like to pull out my packets from the past year's events.  I look at the participation of consultants and customers.  I look at the budget.  I look at the notes and evaluations from after the event.  Did customers like the event?  Did consultants?  How much return on investment did we get?  Should we do it again?  What can we tweek to make it better?  Who is ready to step up and take on some additional responsibility?
I take some time to look through my team list.  Because I tend to see those who are actively involved on my team every month or 2, I have a good sense of who might be ready to take on additional leadership.  Their sales and recruiting numbers are not their complete story.  People can be good at selling and even recruiting, but not be ready, willing or able to be a leader.  Some people very naturally exhibit leadership skills, but they may not be in a season where sales & recruiting is a priority.  I look at their potential for the upcoming year.
I look at my personal goals.  Since this is only the middle of August, I still have time to meet my yearly goals (and fall tends to be an awesome time in my business).
I look at my personal motivation.  Do I still love what I do?  Can I change the things I don't love?  Am I willing to work through the things I don't like because I love the rest?  What do I need to learn?  What can I improve?
Take some time to re-evaluate your leadership.  If you wait until the end of the year, you may miss out on some opportunities this year.  You also won't be ready to hit the ground running on January 1st.  And, hopefully, you won't need your robe and cheesecake to get it done!

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