Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fear or Excitement?

Do you remember the first time you went on a rollercoaster?  Your heart raced, you felt butterflies in your stomach, your palms were sweaty?  How about your first date?  Or first kiss?  The first time you rode on an airplane?  The exhilaration you felt?  The excitement?
Now think about how you feel when you're afraid... Does your heart race?  Do you have butterflies in your stomach?  Do your palms sweat?
Your body reacts the same way to excitement and fear.  Your mind - your perception - is the only difference.
Now, there are a few people who laugh when I say this, but, I am painfully shy.  Meeting people makes my heart pound, walking into a party makes me want to throw up, and I sweat when I pick up the phone to make business calls.  I have learned that this condition is short-lived.  I tell myself that the sour stomach and flop sweat are really excitement.  And it really is.  Every time I meet new people, I make new connections, meet new customers and meet new friends.  Isn't that exciting?!
Could you use a little excitement?  Instead of starting drama in your life or looking for a bridge to bungee cord jump off of, conquer your everday fears and see how exciting that can be!

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