Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What does your sign say?

I've been reading a blog by media guru Jen Fong ( who used a quote yesterday by Mary Kay Ash …"picture everyone with a sign around their necks saying ‘Make me feel important.'"  In it, Jen encourages leaders to friend their teams on Facebook.  This can help leaders keep connected to their teams and gives opportunity to offer support & recognition in a most timely way.
So it made me think... What signs do you see?
"I'm confused."
"Do you even know my name?"
"Spinning my wheels."
"Losing my enthusiasm."
Replace every one of those signs with "Make me feel important."  Then do it.
And don't think you're off the hook because no one seems to see your sign.  All the more reason to do it.  You can look at it as "pay it forward" or just what you're supposed to do.  But do it.
What do you do for others to make them feel important?

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