Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Job fair

At a recent event, it was my job to greet and check everyone in.  This was a scrapbook event where I also get to be the MC.  To add some fun, I was wearing blue fairy wings and blue "Cindy Lou Who" hair extensions.  Across the street from our event, was a job fair.
Now picture a man in a shirt & tie, about 40ish, looking me up and down and slowly asking, "Is this the job fair?"  Really?  Did he think I was the job fairy?  Although we do have some great opportunities available, you could see that he was relieved when I told him that the job fair he was looking for was across the street.
What a difference a few words make.  Had he asked, "Could you direct me to the job fair?" or simply, "Where is the job fair?" it would not have seemed so absurd.
Think about how you phrase things.  Think before you speak.  E-mails & texts give you the opportunity to stop and review what you are saying (although without conveying emotion or tone).
In one of the current political ads running (I am not endorsing anyone here), a man states that his representative fought "tooth & tongue" for his situation.  Isn't that supposed to be "tooth & nail"?  Did the representative lick the bad guys into submission?
Have you ever mixed up a metaphor?  Let your mouth get ahead of your brain?
Feel free to share.  I'd hate to think that I'm the only one.  Oh - and the guy looking for the job fair.

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