Monday, October 25, 2010

Price vs. value

Everything has a price.  Now before you dismiss this topic as one only for direct sellers, think about the services you and others pay for, or the personal cost of time, if you lead volunteers or family.
So let's talk about the cheapest price.  Is it you?  Is your product or service the cheapest around?  Chances are "no".
So what do you sell besides price?  Anything?  How about your response time?  Your customer service?  Your personal attention?  Your time-savings?  Your dependability?  Your personal commitment?  Your VALUE?
You will never win on price (unless you're the size of WalMart).
Look at your VALUE.  What do you offer that makes price less important?  You've got to know what you have to offer besides the cheapest price or you'll end up closing up shop.

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