Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's holding you back?

Several years ago, I heard a speaker talk about the "fear of success". The idea being that some people are afraid to really do well. Afraid others may think they have too much. Afraid of the fame, the money, the promotion. Really? I think most people would say, "bring it on!"
I believe the majority of us are really afraid of failing. We may put things off until the last minute, so that if we don't meet a goal, we can blame our lack of time. We may rely heavily on others, so that if the other person fails, they can be blamed. It isn't our own fault that we don't succeed.
Because what happens if we do give it our all?... and fail? Who wants to admit that they just don't measure up? That they failed? That they are responsible? That they gave it their all, and still didn't cut it?
Good leaders do what they know should be done. Even when it's hard. Even when they're afraid. Most of the time. Do we occasionally hide our heads in the sand? Or try to avoid a difficult situation? Sure. The good ones just don't let it hold them back.

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