Thursday, November 18, 2010

Plan B... Plan C...

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Robert Burns

"Life is all about how you handle plan B." Suzy Toronto
Leadership is all about how you handle plan C and D.

We can plan.  We can forecast.  We can insure.  We can control some things.  But, stuff happens.  For instance, just this week, I was part of a fantastic Holiday Open House event.  There were displays, prizes, activities, food, etc.  It was well attended, we had great feed back, we did solid business, but we had one "oops".  We had planned for an additional activity.  I had personally prepared much of the supplies.  Somehow or another, part of the supplies didn't make it to the venue.  What to do?  Freak out?  Try to put together more supplies at the last minute - during the event?  We chose to let it go for this event.  We put it away.  Of course, we will try to re-work the supplies (when we find them).  But we couldn't let one "oops" color what turned out to be a terrific event.  And you know that others looked to me as to how to re-act.  We were calm, cool and had a great time.  Plan C.

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