Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bring it on!

I have now officially attended my first cheer competition.  I am already a veteran "dance mom", and there are some similarities between cheer and dance competitions (most notably the moms living vicariously through their children... but I digress).  As I watched the competition, I could compare the teams as far as which ones stayed together, how many stunts were dropped, and whether I personally liked the choreography.  I was at a loss, however, in comparing difficulties of skills.  I knew that our team had a tough routine (so I had been told), but it was difficult for me to compare.
I couldn't help but notice when a team dropped a stunt - it's like watching a skater hit the ice - it's hard to miss.  Because I am familiar enough with the potential injuries that happen when a stunt falls out, I sat, not hoping for other teams to fail, but for our team to "hit" with greater difficulty.  I wanted our team to win because they were the best, not because other teams had a rough day.
I think many have forgotten this in real life.
In politics, each party hopes for the other to fail, so that they look better.  Instead of working together, they work against one another.  The problem in that, is that we are still one country.  When one party fails, the country fails.  It used to be that once a president was elected, it didn't matter who you voted for, this was your president.  You got behind him, supported him, because he was leading your country.  Now, at any given time, about half the country is working against the president, or the party in the majority.
In real life, you have got to understand that working with a team, a group, a family, with anyone - can accomplish so much more than struggling by yourself, or working against others.
Win because you tried your hardest and did the best, not because others failed.

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