Monday, May 2, 2011

Wine into water

I came across an illustration (unfortunately I can't seem to find it again...) about a town that decided to celebrate by toasting together. Everyone was to bring their best bottle of wine to pour into one huge container to share. When it came time to celebrate, there was nothing but water in the container! Everyone thought that they could just bring water and it wouldn't be noticed when it was poured in with everyone else's wine.
As part of a team, are you bringing your best wine? Or are you just bringing water? Are you relying on the rest of the team to make up for your lack?
As a leader, are you bringing it? Or watering it down? Or just passing it along without contributing anything?
Now, I am all for not "re-inventing the wheel", but you still have to bring something to the table. You can't just pass along information - an auto-responder can do that - no person necessary. You have to personalize it and make it relevant for you and your team. You even have to test it yourself - just because it plays on the coast doesn't mean it will be successful in the midwest.
What is your team going to toast with? Wine or whine?

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