Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Head of the House

My husband is the head of our house. Now before you get your feathers ruffled or go all "women's lib" on me, let me explain my viewpoint.
My husband knows he's the head of our house, because I told him he could be. I have no doubt that any decisions he makes for our family, take my best interests to heart. Does that mean that I don't make any decisions? Hardly. Anyone who personally knows me, knows that I make a ton of decisions. Does that mean that we always agree? Of course not. Sometimes, I even need to remind him of factors he may not have considered.
Have you ever tried to "co-manage" or "co-chair" something? And either no one wants to make the final call, or both people want to make a different call? Isn't it frustrating? Have you ever noticed how much easier it is when one person takes the lead? And the other takes a supportive (but equally important) role? That's exactly why my husband is the head of our house.
Having a good relationship with anyone takes 2 important steps: choice and compromise.
Choice - we first need to carefully choose who we go into business with, who we make babies with (men and women), who we trust. All too often, we leave choice to "chance". Don't be afraid to ask tough questions. Taking extra time up front can save you a life-time of problems later. You have to be confident that the other person will live up to your expectations.
Compromise - Once you've made a good choice, compromise can keep you in business. There are very few times that any decision is life or death. Extending an olive branch can go a long way toward a good relationship. Sometimes, it's nice not to be the one making all the decisions. It can be a lot of stress to handle the pressure alone.
Will these 2 steps change the world? Probably not. But could slowing down and taking time to make good decisions and looking to the other person's point of view change your world? It might.

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