Saturday, June 19, 2010

"I can do anything for a week"

Today I am in the home stretch of a super challenging week.  2 years ago, my siblings & I decided that we wanted to give our parents a really cool trip for their 50th Anniversary.  Knowing that we would need a healthy budget, we opened an account that we all contributed to monthly.  3 months before the big gift presentation, my mother's 88 year old uncle came to live with them.  Their lives changed dramatically as he needs 24 hour care.  When the gift trip was presented, my parents loved the idea, but thought it would be a long time before they were able to go.  This trip for them was important, so I decided that I would come and take care of Uncle Joe and Grandma Blanche.  Since this requires "personal care", it is WAY out of my comfort zone.  But what I wanted (for them to go on their trip) was more important than my comfort.
Lots of things are that way...
When you have a goal, it often requires going outside your comfort zone.  When that goal is important enough, you will meet the challenge.  Maybe your goal is a better business and you're not comfortable making phone calls or meeting strangers.  Maybe your goal is to beat an illness, and you're not comfortable with the recovery plan.  Maybe your goal is to protect a friend or family member, and you're not comfortable with the idea that they may not be happy with you because of your choices.  Maybe your goal is for your parents to celebrate their 50th Anniversary on a week long cruise...
If your goal is clear and important enough, you CAN go outside your comfort zone.  It's not forever, just until you reach your goal.
"I can do anything for a week.  I can do anything for a week.  I can do anything for a week."

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